Magnetiks Index Trigger Release (Composite)

Index trigger releases are the most commonly used release by all archers, with no significant advancements in this category over the past 10 years UNTIL NOW. Introducing the Magnetiks™ line of releases featuring ZERO Creep™ Trigger/ZCT Technology. With the placement of the magnets in relationship to the pivot point of the trigger, our team has created a true ZERO Creep™ Trigger which will always give you reliable sear engagement, eliminating misfires. Available in anodized aluminum and composite


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  • ZERO Creep™ Trigger/ZCT Technology
  • Padded wrist strap provides worry-free drawing aid
  • Self-setting trigger and hook
  • Shooter’s loop compliant hook
  • Index finger activation
  • The most consistent index trigger release on the market
  • Two magnets can be arranged for six different tension/position settings